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This is a step by step guide to contracting a job
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Engaging Me

- STEP 1 -

Here you are planning the job you want done & getting a little info together to help with the quote/estimate.

If you rent or you don't own the property, it is important that you gain permission to do work from the owner or real estate before starting.

  1. Make a list of the job/jobs you would like us to do.
  2. Have a budget in mind (how much you would like to spend).
  3. Have a time frame in mind (when you want the job start &/or when you need it finished).
  4. If possible, have pictures &/or diagrams, it will make it easy to show us what you want.
  5. If possible, know what materials you want used.

- STEP 2 -

At this stage is when I come out to do an initial job inspection & start the quoting/estimating process.

       1. Contact me (at this time an initial job inspection will be booked).

       2. At the initial job inspection:

       3. Show us the job & give us the info from Step 1.

       4. We will discuss the job, take measurements & notes.

       5. The quote/estimate will be prepared ASAP & emailed or delivered to you within a few days.


- STEP 3 -

Here is when the job is booked in & getting everything ready to start.

Before you contact us please organise:

Proof of Ownership of the property (rates notice)


A Letter of Permission to conduct work from the owner (the owner will need to attach a copy of the rates notice for the property to the letter as proof of owner ship) or real estate (the letter must contain the real estate’s letter head & contact details of the property manager).

This is for insurance & contract purposes.

From there it is simply:

      1. You need to contact us & accept the quote/estimate.

      2. A secondary job inspection will be booked.


At the secondary job inspection:

       1. All the details will be gone over & re-checked.

       2. Proof of Ownership or a letter of permission to conduct work will need to be supplied.

       3. The contract will be signed, and the job booked in.

       4. Safety rules & work procedures will be discussed.


- STEP 4 -

The wait is over! At this point the work will commence.

      1. Follow any & all safety rules & work procedures that have been given to you.

      2. If you are not at the property while the work is being done PLEASE make sure you can be contacted.

      3. If required job progress inspections can be organized.

      4. Once the work has been completed, you will be required to do an end of job inspection.

- STEP 5 -

 The job is done, you are satisfied with it & it’s time to make payment.

  1. An invoice will be prepared ASAP & emailed or delivered to you.

       2. Make payment of invoice, there are several payment types you can use

                       a. Cash

                       b. Credit card

                       c. Bank deposit

- STEP 6 -

 If you are happy with my work, please do the following.

1. Fill in the testimonial form in the contact me tab.

2. Leave a Google review.

3. Recommend me to your friends & family.



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    Very very happy with the service provided by Gavyn today. He installed an outdoor antennae and he was very prompt and honest. Very highly recommended. Thank you

  • Mark Hull

    Gav The Tradie was very prompt, professional and efficient Cheers

  • John

    Gav Was Fantastic doing a great job. He has considerable tools to ease his work concerns.