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Basic Terms and Conditions

By engaging Gav The Tradie you the customer agree to these terms and conditions.

Definition of engaged is: Paid a deposit and/or agreed in writing to the works.



To carry out and complete the works as agreed.


  1. My payment term is 7 days. Unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  2. If payments are not made on time, $100 a day late payment fees will be charged.
  3. If the price of materials goes up more than 5% at any time, you the customer must cover the extra cost.
  4. If legal action has to be taken, all court and legal fees will be charged to the customer as part of the clam.


The customer must:

  1. Give Gav The Tradie adequate access to the site to carry out the works. If access is not granted on an agreed workday, the customer will pay all costs incurred by Gav The Tradie as a result of the time wasted, including but not limited to: fuel, labour and tolls.
  2. Provide Gav The Tradie with adequate access to water, electricity and toilet and hand wash facilities. If access cant be granted or there is no access, hire will be organized at the cost of the customer.


Before Gav The Tradie is obligated to start, you the customer must provide written evidence:

  1. That you own or have permission to have the works carried out on the site.
  2. Proof you can pay for the works.

Gav The Tradie will commence the works ASAP.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, any and all surplus materials are the property of Gav The Tradie.


  1. Gav The Tradie is not responsible for any problems that are only revealed when carrying out the works.
  2. Gav The Tradie will carry out any work to fix such problem, at the cost of the customer.


If at any time the customer claims any of the works to be defective, the customer must ASAP notify Gav The Tradie.

If the works have completed, the customer is obligated to grant access to Gav The Tradie to fix the defective works.


Gav The Tradie may subcontract any of works.

The customer must not give instructions to or make inquiry of any subcontractors, workers or suppliers.


Any materials and goods supplied by the customer or any work done by the customer, the customer's contractors or the customer's agents, is at the customer's risk and Gav The Tradie is not liable.


Both Gav The Tradie and the customer must have a minimum of $10 million of public liability insurance.

If the customer would like loss or damage insurance, it will be provided at the customers cost.


The customer will pay any and all fees incurred by Gav The Tradie as a result of any late payment, including but not limited to: interest, legal and late payment fees.


If you the customer or any person acting on your behalf, becomes abusive or violent towards Gav The Tradie or anyone working for Gav The Tradie. The work will stop immediately, and you the customer will pay for any and all costs incurred by Gav The Tradie, including but not limited to: all materials, work completed and travel, plus pay a $1000 fee.

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    Very very happy with the service provided by Gavyn today. He installed an outdoor antennae and he was very prompt and honest. Very highly recommended. Thank you

  • Mark Hull

    Gav The Tradie was very prompt, professional and efficient Cheers

  • John

    Gav Was Fantastic doing a great job. He has considerable tools to ease his work concerns.