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About Gav

Hi I'm Gav,

Here is a little bit of my story.

I've been on building sites since I was a little kid, as my grandfather was a builder, my Dad owns and renovates rental properties and my uncle is an architect, so I suppose you could say... It’s in my blood! I’ve worked on building sites with my grandfather or other builders, on and off since I was a teenager.

Jump ahead a few years or so........ to 2014, I am now a dad to my son Oliver. I need to work, but also stay home and enjoy time with my son. so i started my business and haven't looked back.

Jump ahead a few more years....... to 2020, I am now a qualified carpenter. A little late in life, but not to late.

jump ahead just one more year......... to 2021, I now I have a daughter, Summer. after trying for 6 years, we almost gave up.

so I do this job for my family, I work when there is work and enjoy life when there is no work.

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What people say about me

  • Kim Walsh

    Very very happy with the service provided by Gavyn today. He installed an outdoor antennae and he was very prompt and honest. Very highly recommended. Thank you

  • Mark Hull

    Gav The Tradie was very prompt, professional and efficient Cheers

  • John

    Gav Was Fantastic doing a great job. He has considerable tools to ease his work concerns.